Ayurvedic Treatments & Medicine For Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoarthritis

Life is too precious to suffer you deserve to gain vibrant health

Ayushakti has 33 years of proven experience in effectively helping people suffering from Arthritis & Chronic Joint Pain.

Ayushakti’s Ayurvedic Arthritis Treatment program helps you remove deep rooted toxins and blockages from the joints, back, neck, and spine. Reduces inflammation and stiffness and finally promotes healthy, strong and flexible joints naturally. Thus, you get long term relief from frozen shoulder, neck pain, back pain, knee joints pain, spondylosis, sciatic pain. Most importantly, you will be able to stand, walk and climb steps without pain.


German doctors believe that ayushakti doctors are the best for treating chronic pain and Blood Pressure!
For the past 10 years, I was suffering with a severe pain in my shoulders. Due to which it was difficult to have a bath, lift weight, play my most lovable sport i.e. badminton, and even sleeping was a problem due to pain.  My friend Dr. Meera Dorci in Munich, referred me to meet Ayushakti doctor. I was sceptical but since she suggested, I thought I should give it a try. “As Germans, we would like to be convinced about everything we do”. I was firm about my thoughts. With this mindset, I approached Ayushakti clinic in Munich at Germaniastrass9, Munchen. When I reached, I saw a big queue of clients with problems like Arthritis, heavy breathlessness, chronic allergies, IBS, Skin problems, high blood sugar and high blood pressure, hair problems, infertility and even cancer !!. I was still not convinced and saw everything with a sceptical eye. Then my turn came to meet Ayushakti doctor one on one. With my scepticism, I asked Ayushakti doctor
True story of how UK based Domnique fixed her spinal disc herniation without surgery
Domnique, a singer from UK had to stand for long hours to rehearse and sing on the stage. It was 1998, she started experiencing mild back pain and she used painkillers to get a quick relief only to get the pain back in few hours. Slowly, she started getting intense pain in her buttocks, thighs, and calves. Pain aggravated when she was coughing, sneezing, or moved to certain position. The pain was shooting and excruciating.
From severe knee pain to full flexibility. Truly unbelievable at the age of 82 with a normal blood sugar level and no joint pain at all !!
Recently I visited one of the most appreciated Ayurvedic health centres in Mumbai –“Ayushakti” to meet with one of their doctors. It was a great experience to see the happiness on customers’ face who were coming in to the doctor’s cabin. I was greatly amazed to see an old woman who was very active and confident with a warm smile on her face entered the doctor’s cabin. I told in my mind that “What a true demonstration of Ayurveda”. Even at this age, she is so active ! I was eagerly wishing to know about her and I discovered in a moment that she is Ayushakti doctor’s Mom !! I forgot that I had come here to interview an Ayushakti doctor and was more enamoured to ask this amazingly active woman some questions.
Mrs. Sheshadri’s 10 years old severe neck pain and back pain got completely relieved ?.
Namaste. I am Mrs. Sheshadri. Before coming here, I had too many troubles. I had terrible back problems. I could not go out of the house. If I sleep, could not sit up. It became too difficult for me. Whole day too much pain. Yoga, exercises or pranayaam also did not help to relieve the pain. My neighbor’s husband did treatment in Ayushakti. His walking and moving stopped after 80 years of age. Still they consulted Ayushakti doctor and only in 60 days, he was absolutely alright. Now he walks and does his routines by himself and he is no more bedridden. We were shocked at such a dramatic improvement. That is why I came to Ayushakti for my sugar, migraine, High blood pressure, back pain, gas and acidity. Now its only two months. Doctor did detoxification which was difficult for me but still I did it. Now my acidity, migraine is gone. High BP and Blood Sugar is reduced so my allopathic doctor reduced my sugar and BP medications to half. Full body pain completely gone. There is slight difficulty in sitting and standing up but other wise I don’t feel any back pain. I have got freedom from Migraine. Here in Ayushakti, the doctor talk with so much love. As if talking to me like my son and with lot of love, they do all the treatments. Any time I call to talk to them, they are there. What we are supposed to do, which medicines to be taken – they help very well.” Says Mrs. Sheshadri.
“Extreme unbearable pain in the hands, swollen wrists and unable to move hands….But, now can paint easily ! Severe knee pain, unable to go up the stairs…. Now can climb 5 floors just in few minutes !” says German Paediatrician Dr. Meera Dorci ….
My name is Dr. Meera Dorci Ulrich, from Munich, Germany. I am a Paediatrician working for the last 44 years. Now I am 73 years old. At the age of 60, I suddenly found that my hands were paining, my wrists were swollen and I wasn’t able to hold even a pen. I also had difficulty in going up stairs. As I have been a very active person my whole life, I was horrified with the diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. My mental situation was kind of foggy as I was very worried about my future as a doctor. At this point, my wonderful friend told me to go to Ayushakti’s doctor in Munich. I had decided to go to main Ayushakti Hospital in Mumbai for 3 weeks for the healing of my illness. This was in August 2003



Eliminate blockages, inflammation and remove toxins from the gut and intracellular cells through the right type of detox so that proper blood supply reaches the damaged organs and intracellular toxins are cleared.


Repair & restore the normal functioning of all the organs and especially the ones that are affected by the illness through the usage of powerful home remedies, diet, lifestyle changes, and marma pressure points.


Rebuild & renew in step by step manner using herbal formulas and therapies on damaged or weak tissues, thus creating vibrant youthful health and long-lasting relief from chronic health problems.

As per 3 international research papers published in US based scientific journals – IAMJ, IJRM & GJMR, it is proven that Ayushakti’s Arthrox is Anti inflammatory, repairs degenerated bones and cartilages creating remarkable flexibility and long lasting relief from chronic pain.

Research done by Orthopedics & Pharmacologists- TNMC & BYL Nair Hospital, India published in IAMJ (International Ayurvedic Medical Journal)

Arthrox Research Published in IJRM (International journal of Research in Medical Sciences)

Knee Pain Case Study published in GJMR – USA, UK, INDIA


  • You can experience remarkable relief in pain, swelling, popup sounds and stiffness in shoulder, neck, back, knees and joints within 60 Days as experienced by 90% of people.

  • Your Joints can feel up to 90% more flexible and strong.

  • You can feel more independent to do daily household chores.

  • You can stand, sit and walk for a long time,climb & step down the stairs without pain.

  • You will be able to experience peaceful and sound sleep.

  • Your dependency on painkillers can be reduced upto 90% as per International Research papers.

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How fast can I see improvement in my condition?

If the joint problems just started and you are suffering for less than 12 months, you can get relief within 2-3 months. If the pain is chronic and you are suffering for more than 2 years, you need to continue the herbs at least for 1-2 years or more as per your Ayushakti doctor’s advice.

Does Arthrox treatment help to treat 15 years-old chronic arthritis pain?

Of course, yes. In such conditions, Arthrox treatment helps improve the flexibility of joints, reduces pain and swelling remarkably. Then, over 2-3 years of taking herbal remedies as per the advice of your Ayushakti doctor, you can experience up to 80-90% relief.

Is there any diet to be followed in Arthritis & joint pain?

Avoid Wheat, sour and fermented foods, red meat, gas-producing foods, heavy beans, pickles, lemon, tamarind, tomato, curds.

Take more of Vegetables, mung, mung dal, yellow and red lentils, rice, multi-grains like millets (Jawar, Bajra, Nachni), quinoa, and leafy greens.

Spice up your foods with garlic, ginger, pepper, asafoetida, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, etc.

Consume cooked vegetables like Pumpkin, Bottle Gourd, French Beans, Carrot, Spinach, other Leafy Greens, zucchini, asparagus, Tondli, Galka, broccoli, Kale.

Occasionally you can have chicken and fish.

What should be the food combination to be followed in Arthritis conditions?

If the joint problems just started and you are suffering for less than 12 months, you can get relief within 2-3 months. If the pain is chronic and you are suffering for more than 2 years, you need to continue the herbs at least for 1-2 years or more as per your Ayushakti doctor’s advice.

What kind of Herbal Remedies does Ayushakti provide to relieve pain, inflammation and give deep rejuvenation of joints?

PainmuktiMJ 2 -2 (2 tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening after food) Relieves pain, stiffness, inflammation, promotes joint flexibility.

Painmukti Sandhi-cal 2-2 (2 tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening after food). Improves joint strength, promotes calcium uptake to strengthen bones, prevents bone degeneration

Painmukti cream – apply 3-4 times a day. Faster and long-lasting relief from stiffness, pain, and inflammation.

Suhruday – 2-2 (2 tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening after food) Improves metabolism, promotes blood circulation thereby relieving blockages formed by toxins.

Sandhiyog – 1 -1 (one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening after food) Relieves old chronic pain, rectifies Vata movements and provides a deeper rejuvenation for joints, and strengthens joints.

Who is most likely to get Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is mostly seen in people who have had a recent injury or fracture.

It is also common in people with diabetes.

If you’re working for long hours on your computer, you will have this problem.

Do home remedies help with improving flexibility in joints & reduce swelling and pain?

Home remedies are helpful for temporary relief. For chronic pain conditions, it is advisable to follow herbal remedies and especially Arthrox treatment along with home remedies for fast relief as per Ayushakti doctors’ advice.

How much does Arthrox treatment cost?

As per the chronicity of the problem, the treatment varies. Consult an expert Ayushakti doctor near your place for information and treatment guidance. Call toll-free: 18002663001.

Does this treatment include any surgery?

No. Ayurveda believes in a natural, authentic way of treatment methods

Can a working person undergo this treatment?

Yes, a working male or female can undergo this treatment, but she/he will have to adjust their timing.

How does Ayurveda work to reduce Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Specific Arthrox treatment at Ayushakti, first reduces Vata & Aama from the joints, thus reducing swelling, pain, and stiffness. Then, it nourishes the immune system and strengthens bones & muscles. As Rheumatism is a very chronic problem, this process goes on for 2-3 years. But the relief in pain and stiffness begins within 2-3 months.

Can slip disc be treated with Arthrox?

Yes. With proper diet, herbal remedies, and Arthrox detox treatments, within 4-6 months, you get a remarkable improvement. Generally, after the age of 35-40, many people get herniation or bulging of the disc. If it’s not treated from the root with Ayurveda, and just managed by taking pain killers, then, it can cause degeneration, and finally, in 5-10 years, the disc space reduces and the nerve is compressed between the two vertebrae. This causes leg pain, tingling, numbness, or burning from the back to the back of the leg. Our vertebrae have a kind of cup, containing a cushioning jelly known as a disc. Due to aging, excess Vayu, or wrong movement, this cup gets torn and the jelly leaks out, causing slip disc or spondylosis.

Is it true, alcohol increases uric acid?

Regularly taking alcohol, especially beer, no exercise, wrong food, and weight gain, creates blocks in the metabolism and kidneys. Thus, excess uric acid is produced and the kidneys don’t flush them out. So they get deposited into the bones.

Where is this treatment available?

At the Ayushakti centers in Mumbai, Goa, and Delhi. All the treatments are done under the supervision of Ayushakti doctors.

How often will I have to visit the Ayushakti clinic for Arthrox treatment?

For follow-up consultations with the Ayushakti doctor, you will visit once or twice a month as per the problems and treatments suggested to you. For the Arthrox treatment period, you need to visit the Ayushakti clinic daily for 15-25 days for the therapies as your Ayushakti doctor will advise you.

Can I stay at any Ayushakti center and undergo the Arthrox treatment?

Ayushakti Mumbai (Malad west) and Ayushakti Goa have in-house stay facilities for their clients who undergo deep treatments. For more information about stay and treatment facilities, call now, toll-free No. 18002663001 or email: query@ayushakti.com

If I am diabetic and have BP and cholesterol, can I undergo Arthrox?

Definitely yes. Arthrox also helps you to control diabetes, regularize BP and cholesterol remarkably.


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I was suffering from asthma and cough for the last 25 years. I have being using an inhaler for the past many years and had to take minimum 3 sprays per day. My daughter in law suggested me to visit Ayushakti for treatment after which I was very satisfied with the result. Dr Priyanka Katale assisted me in the treatment for the last 5 months and now my intake of spray has reduced to 1 in 3-4 Days. Thanks to Ayushakti.

Deepali Desai

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I had been suffering from an allergic cold, cough for the last 20 years. After undergoing different treatment I got only temporary relief from the problem. After visiting Ayushakti clinic, I got complete relief with 1 week and my immunity also increased within 2 months.

Bharat Borse

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The staff at Ayushakti are very good and very caring. Ayushakti staff were very helpful. The doctors always remember the patient, their medical problems and call them for their regular checkup. Had a Very good experience at Ayushakti Thane.

Pritish Mhaskar