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We don't just Suppress symptoms, We eliminate the root cause to transform your health!

3 powerful steps to long lasting health

Chronic health challenges can make people feel helpless & frustrated. Ayushakti transform your health through 3 POWERFUL PROVEN STEPS

Step 1: REMOVE

Eliminate blockages, inflammation and remove toxins from the gut and intracellular cells through the right type of detox so that proper blood supply reaches the damaged organs and intracellular toxins are cleared.


Repair & restore the normal functioning of all the organs and especially the ones that are affected by the illness through the usage of powerful home remedies, diet, lifestyle changes, and marma pressure points.

Step 3: RENEW

Rebuild & renew in step by step manner using herbal formulas and therapies on damaged or weak tissues, thus creating vibrant youthful health and long-lasting relief from chronic health problems.

How can Ayushakti help you in chronic health problems?

Ayushakti is a Global Ayurveda Leader providing Ancient Proven Health Solutions. Ayushakti is proven effective in Asthma, shortness of breath and Allergies (treated 200,000), Chronic Back pain Knee pain and Arthritis (treated 400,000), Diabetes, Skin problems like Psoriasis, Eczema, Urticaria, Dermatitis (treated 200,000), PCOS and Infertility (treated 50,000), Blood pressure (treated50,000), Hair fall (treated 35,000), Kidney stone and Kidney disease (treated 25,000), Thyroid (treated 30,000), Acidity, Gastritis (treated 200,000), Depression, Stress, Anxiety ( treated 100,000), Insomnia (treated 50,000), memory and focus (treated 38,000), Fatty liver or liver disease (treated 50,000), Heart disease, Cardiovascular disease (treated 35,000), Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and many other chronic diseases with a wide network of Ayurvedic clinics and the team of expert Ayurvedic doctors.

Here what we do for you

For Health Seekers
Ayushakti Clinics

With over 1.5 Million clients treated has a proven technology to create Vibrant Health or Long Lasting Relief from chronic health problems. Browse Health A-Z to know about your health problems.

For Practitioners
Ayushakti Education

Let us Transform your practice & long lasting results in your clients by training you on Proven Effective methods of Siddhaveda lineage healing coming from 2500 years old lineage and our 34 years of experience over 1.5 million people.

For Business People
Ayushakti Franchise

Grow your profits in your practice by becoming clinic partner or get 3X returns on your investments by becoming our clinic franchisee or partner. Add passive income stream when you become certified clinic partner/ franchisee/ distributors.

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"I have taken Dynamic Detox package under the guidance of Dr Ronak as I was suffering from fatty liver and obesity. I have completed the treatment and my therapist Mr Mahindra Pandit helped me a lot in reducing my fat and losing weight. Also, he guided me with my daily routines and eating healthy food so I am very thankful and happy to have a treatment from Ayushakti thane branch and I wish them the best in future." -Pankur Berry

"I have been taking treatment at Ayushakti under Dr Archana as I was suffering from skin allergies. While I was taking treatment, I was given medicines and customized diet after which I started my panchkarma treatment which helped me get complete relief. I would highly recommend Ayushakti as the doctors and staff are very friendly." -Ruhi M

"I was suffering from spinal cord nerve touch which resulted in swelling of my right leg. I was recommended to visit Ayushakti and now my problem is gone after trying so many renowned physiotherapists. I highly recommend Ayushakti to everyone who is suffering from lifestyle diseases to physical pain. Thanks, Ayushakti, great job!" -Savio Dsa

"I was suffering from asthma & cough from last 25 years, I was on an inhaler, minimum I used to take 3 sprays in one day but my daughter in law suggest me about Ayushakti ayuverd & Dr. Priyanka Katale & I started treatment here from last 5 months & I was fully satisfied with there herbs & panchakarma treatment & I got a very amazing result. I highly recommend Ayushakti." -Deepali Desai

"ayushakti medicine results are very good and treatment is awesome.. thane center is very good and the therapist and staff are very nice. Very effective detox treatment for skin, arthritis etc issues." -Omkar Salvi

"Recognized globally for helping people with depression and anxiety, common complaints that can be improved with cleaner diet and development of a routine for healing the body and mind. Their treatment is practical and utilizes ancient practices for getting to the root of the issue rather than masking symptoms." -Carol Winters Ray

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Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp Psoriasis (Before and After)

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Foot Psoriasis

Foot Psoriasis (Before and After)

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Life is too precious to suffer, feeling helpless is no fun, you deserve to have vibrant health!

3 Action Steps to Transform Your Health

Consult with our Ayurveda Expert

Video/Face to Face Consultation With Our Ayushakti Expert

Customized Diet Plan

Your Customized Diet Plan Plays 50% Role In Improving Your Health

Customized Detox Plan

Your Customized Herbal Formulas & Detox Plan Creates Remarkable Transformation For Long Lasting Health